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Wheely is an application designed to help wheelchair and stroller users better navigate the New York City Subway system as well as provide a useful guide to accessible places in specific neighborhoods. Wheely features accessible subway maps licensed by the MTA®, specific directions and maps to subway elevators and reviews based on local accessible places. Wheely is founded by Anthony Driscoll, a Parsons New School MFA Design and Technology candidate, who was inspired to create this app through his travels with his father who is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Anthony hopes to establish more support of his app through various disability focused organizations. 


Sometimes finding a subway elevator is tough...

Whether you're in a wheelchair, using a stroller or your boss made you move a million boxes from one office to the next, Wheely gives your a map of accessible stations and helps you find subway elevators.


What are your favorite accessible places?


The Wheely subway map consists of only accessible stations with elevators making it easy to find accessible subway stations. Wheely displays all elevator statuses in real time.  Each subway icon is mark either red or green symbolizing working order or out of order.


With Wheely, it's easy to search for a subway station by either its name or subway line.

When a station is selected the elevator status details and accessible lines are shown.

The subway name, line, elevator location, elevator status details, Google Map directions, neighborhood map, and photograph of elevator location are displayed for each station.

Wheely is integrated with Google Maps and is also loaded with elevator GPS data for step by step navigation to elevators.

Wheely neighborhood maps show the station outline and exactly where the elevators are located in relation to the surrounding area.  We are working on creating a data base to add accessible places to this map.

A photograph of the elevator location is also provided to help find elevators.

Where have you been?

We'd like to know!

Wheely will not only be an accessible subway map with elevator directions but a fully accessible guide for New York City.  We plan to create an open source interactive map with reviews and ratings of various accessible places. To do this we need you.  

New York City is a very accessible place, you just have to know where to go
— a new york wheelchair user
Why just make another review app, its been done before, we all need to help each other instead of us all going our separate ways
— another new yorker

The above quotes are both very true and extremely on point.  The fact that you "just need to know where to go" only furthers the point and need for an open source accessible guide.  How is a tourist supposed to "know where to go" if he/she is in a chair? 

Why just make another app? There is not one app out there that has successfully proven a strong hold on accessible reviews.  Many of the other apps focus on only accessibility and forget about the food quality, price, or atmosphere.  We absolutely need to stick together and help each other out.  Wheely Guide will aggregate all other accessible reviews and display them in one place! 

When sending us your favorite accessible places, we urge you to keep in mind the not only the accessibility but also the ambience, wait staff, and the overall quality of the place.  



Please help us out by telling us what your favorite accessible places are.  They do not have to be in New York City but NYC places are preferred.  By providing us with this information we are able to start building a database to later add to Wheely as a fully functional navigational guide with ratings and reviews.

Please rate on a scale of 1-5 stars, 5 being 100% accessible.
Please rate on a scale of 1-5 stars, 5 being 100% accessible.
Table / Seating
Please rate on a scale of 1-5 stars, 5 being 100% accessible.
Customer Service
Please rate on a scale of 1-5 stars, 5 being the most friendly and accomadating.